Infinite Creativity

in order to open to the

each one of us


is to assist YOU in releasing limitations

my mission

HEY, I'M Sierra


BA in Integral Studies from Naropa University

     concentrations in yoga, psychology & visual art

700-hour RYT Certified (200 E-RYT) Yoga Teacher

Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach

Lifelong Artist

I was born in 1994 in Santa Barbara, California, and I’ve been making art since I was a young child. However, it wasn’t until my late high-school years when my love for painting and ceramics truly blossomed. I went into college studying these art forms, but after experiencing chronic and debilitating physical and mental health issues at 18, my attention was redirected to YOGA & THE HEALING ARTS. I left college and went into deep study on the connection between mind and body while training in a bodywork technique called Resistance Flexibility Strength Training that worked to heal trauma stored in the body. I also radically changed my diet to eat plant-based, organic foods, and went on to study Holistic Health Coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Shortly after this, I did my first Yoga Teacher Training, a 200 hour certification just outside of Boston, MA.

By this point, I’d been able to heal many of my health issues, and my focus began shifting back to creating art. At 21, I started my own business, successfully making and selling handmade pottery, which excited and nourished my soul beyond comprehension. It was through this business that I learned a hard lesson:



If you’re an artist and want to make a career of it, the moment you start making art to meet demand rather than for the simple joy of creating, the channel to inspiration starts closing. I started to burn out, and my attention went back to self-discovery, yoga, and healing.

I then found Naropa University in Boulder, CO, where I spent three years finishing my undergraduate degree and completing their 1000 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Convinced I didn’t want art to be part of my career, I focused on psychology, philosophy, consciousness studies, and yoga. The foundation of my healing journey combined with the study of these potent subjects resulted in an overwhelming amount of CLARITY and CODES channeling into my being. I was writing like a madwoman, getting visions of sacred geometric patterns, etc, and some point, I didn’t feel like I could communicate what I wanted to though speech. It was in this moment that the multi-dimensional bridge between science, spirituality, healing, and art was made for me. I then produced “Tree of Life,” which is still to this day, the most profound expression of my being.

my story

Through this crazy, challenging and magical journey, I came to see how art is a way to


a way to tell whatever story we, as creators, want to tell.

and the story I want to tell...

is the story of healing,


the story of creation,


and the story of life.

I want nothing more than to

help you tell your story.

To be there, by your side, rooting for you as you empower yourself to live the life you most desire.





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